About us

Le Crystal Couture Retail is here to appreciate the beauty that lies within each of us through fashion. We want our garments to help you express your creative nature through your personal style. We collect fashion from all over the world to bring joy, happiness, light, love, sass, and class to your closet.

Le Crystal Couture Custom Experience:  Want to express yourself through fashion? Do you have a certain Vision? We can help you bring it to life! Our tailors and seamstresses have many years of experience and can travel to you.  Whether it’s a special occasion, wedding, or red carpet event, let us help you make it memorable and unforgettable! Our founder has combined her expertise of creating a moment that can be cherished forever, with her passion for fashion and unique and creative styles.

 Le Crystal Couture Crystal Collection incorporates the ancient knowledge of  precious stones, gemstones, semi-precious stones, and crystals into it’s custom designs and Crystal Collections. Much of modern day technology is powered by the knowledge of Crystal technology.  Many religions, ancient societies, and modern-day beliefs understand that there is vibrational frequency that is emitted
from certain crystals, stones,  and semi-precious stones.  Understanding this, we incorporate these crystals and stones into the design of the garment, whether it be sewn onto the garment or into the garment, our goal is to spread love, peace, and harmony through these stones.  We have teamed up with gemologists to ensure we are using the best quality stones, and crystals.


About the Founder:  Schanell has been styling and designing since playing with Barbies and toys as a child. She loved to create outfits for her dolls from old clothing, socks, or fabric she found around the house.  Her mother knew she had a passion for fashion when she would refuse to go to school unless she wore the outfit she chose. All at once, a fashion Diva was born!  Schanell was influenced by her fashionable Grandmother and Mother. She has always been a free-thinking, creative individual that loves to empower others’ free spirits through their Style.  She became a pin-up model and International plus size lingerie model in Las Vegas, after graduating the UNLV fashion program.  She gained weight to jump on the wave of Plus Size fashion, and assist breaking the mold and outdated belief that only a certain size and shape is beautiful.  Her belief is that everyBody is beautiful. and that everyone should celebrate life daily and love for oneself through fashion.